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Mob Grinding Utils Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Farming Mobs in Fun Ways


Slay the mobs with ease and convenience with the Mob Grinding Utils. Create an entirely new mob farm and farm those experiences and drops.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a series of new blocks designed to encourage players to create new ways of creating mob farms. The blocks added by this mod vary in function, some are designed to transport and move mobs and players, while others deal massive damage. There are also XP tanks that liquify XP, so you can collect them at a later date. There are also other tools and items that can be used to facilitate the changes brought by the mod.

Should You Install It?

The mod is pretty cool and provides new ways of creating mob farms. The new blocks can also be used as a base defense and as a utility.

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Beetroot SeedsMelon SeedsPumpkin SeedsWheat Seeds
Mob Swab UsedFluid XP Bucket
GM Chicken Feed
GM Chicken FeedEntity ConveyorXP Speed UpgradeEnder Dragon Death MufflerEntity Spawner Height UpgradeMob Masher Upgrade SmiteAbsorption HopperMob MasherMob Masher Upgrade BeheadingJumbo TankMob Fan Height UpgradeMob Fan Width UpgradeXP Drain Singularity TankNutritious Chicken FeedGM Chicken Feed CursedWither Boss Death MufflerEnder Inhibitor ActiveXP TapEntity SpawnerMob Masher Upgrade SharpnessMob SwabMob FanEntity Spawner Width UpgradeSingularity TankMob Masher Upgrade LootingSingularity TankXP SolidifierJumbo TankXP SolidifierMob Fan Distance UpgradeTinted GlassXP Mould BlankSolid XPIron SpikesXP Mould Jelly BabyXP Drain Singularity TankMob Masher Upgrade ArthropodsMob Masher Upgrade FireAbsorption Radius UpgradeXP Jelly BabyXP Mould Blank

GM Chicken Feed — Used In 0 Recipes

⚒️ Uncraftable

mob_grinding_utils:fluid_xpDark Oak StoneDelightful DirtDreadful DirtEnder Inhibitor InactiveFluid XP BucketGolden EggMob Swab UsedMonocleImaginary Not Here SwordRotten Egg
  • Just a fluid version of XP
  • If Ender IO or Open Blocks (if/when it updates) are loaded; Mob Grinding Utils will defer it’s registration and textures to the other mod’s versions.

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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