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Ex Astris Mod (1.7.10)— Mod Support to Ex Nihilo


Do you like playing with the challenging SkyBlock gameplay? Then check out the wonderful Ex Astris mod.

What the Mod is About?

Created by username insaneau, Ex Astris mod (originally known as Ex Aliquo) is a mod integration that will help bring your mods to your skyblock gameplay. Ex Astris mod currently supports the following popular mods: BigReactors, Blood Magic, Metallurgy, MineFactory Reloaded, Natura, Redstone Arsenal, Tinkers’ Construct, Tinkers’ SteelWork, ThaumCraft, Thermal Expansion, and much more to come.

Should You Install it?

If you wish to play with your modded Minecraft in a challenging Sky block environment, this integration mod is really helpful in bringing along the needed changes.


Ex Astris currently adds support for:

  • BigReactors – Yellorite can be obtained by sifting
  • Blood Magic – Allows the “creation” of nether stars
  • Metallurgy – Ores can be obtained via sifting
  • MineFactory Reloaded – Rubber Tree Sapling can be obtained from sifting, and Rubber Tree Saplings/Leaves can be composted.
  • Natura – Saplings and Berry Bushes can be obtained from sifting.
  • Redstone Arsenal – A brand new RF Hammer!
  • Tinkers Construct – OreBerry bushes can be obtained from sifting. Two new modifiers!
  • Tinkers Steelworks – Ex Nihilo dusts can be used in the High Oven
  • Thaumcraft – Shards can be obtained via hammering. New mob spawning dolls. Thaumium Hammer and Barrel.
  • Thermal Expansion

Thaumcraft Shards can be obtained by Hammering Grass, Double Sandstone Slabs, Nether Brick, Double Stone Slabs, Ice, and TNT.

Two new Tinkers Construct modifiers are added: “Hammered” – makes the tool act like an Ex Nihilo hammer, and “Crooked” – makes the tool act like an Ex Nihilo crook. Get these by using a Diamond Hammer or a Bone Crook as modifiers.

The Automatic Sieve has also been added. Takes RF to do your sifting, can be upgraded to run faster, and also have an effective “Fortune” modifier, at the cost of more power.

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