• Ex Compressum Mod
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    Steve in a Box

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    Auto Compressed Hammer

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    Wooden Crucible

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    Wolf / Ocelot Bait

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    Heavy Sieve

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    Ex Compressum

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    Ore Smasher

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Ex Compressum Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5)— Addon for Ex Nihilo


Reduce grinding in a Sky block environment with this cool mod called Ex Compressum. As an add-on to the Ex Nihilo mod, this mod provides new tools to break down compressed blocks.

What the Mod Offers

The mod is an addon to Ex Nihilo and requires the mod to work. Ex Compressum features compressed hammers to break compressed blocks more effectively. The mod also has a compressed crook, heavy sieve, auto compressor, auto sieves, the wooden crucible, animal baits, and more.

Should You Install It?

As an add-on mod, this mod adds more tools and blocks to the base mod Ex Nihilo; if you’re already playing with the Ex Nihilo mod, then there is no harm in installing Ex Compressum.


  • Compressed Hammers to break Compressed Blocks into nine of their smashed version (e.g. Compressed Gravel -> 9 Sand) (+ Auto Compressed Hammer).
  • Compressed Crook is four times as fast as a normal crook but only twice as durable.
  • Heavy Sieve to sift compressed blocks directly, at a small loss of efficiency (+ Auto (Heavy) Sieve).
  • Auto Compressor to automatically compress items into blocks (e.g. Broken Ores into Ore Gravel).
  • Botania Compatibility: Broken Comprilla and Evolved Orechid.
  • Additional NEI Compatibility: Ex Nihilo Composting, Ex Nihilo Barrel Recipes.
  • Wooden Crucible extracts water from plants as an alternative to rain.
  • Animal baits can be placed to spawn cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, ocelots, and wolves outside of their natural biome.
  • Highly configurable – disable what you don’t like and adjust what you like to be most fitting for your skyblock.

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