• Automagy: Automation and Logistics Mod
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    Alchemical Boiler

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    Dimensional Lure

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    Golem's Workbench Upgrades

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    Melding Mirrors

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    Scrivener's Oculus

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    Soul Stone

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    Thirsty Tank Glyphs

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    Wand Focus: Crafting

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Automagy: Automation and Logistics Mod (1.8.9, 1.7.10)— Addon for Thaumcraft


Automagy is an add-on mod by username Tuhljin for the popular mod Thaumcraft. This add-on mod focuses on automation and new logistics.

What the Mod is About?

The mod adds a new storage system with one GUI, these new storage systems can request items for delivery and more. The mod also features a centralized essential tracking and distribution, a new way of extracting your XP and storing it safely somewhere, a new Essentia logic, item logistics, dozens of new and interesting items, a variety of tweaks, convenient shortcuts, and so much more.

Should You Install it?

Automagy is a great addition to an already popular and great mod. We highly recommend installing the mod when you are playing with version 4 or version 5 of ThaumCraft.


  • Storage system: See all your stored items in one GUI. Request items for delivery. Output Redstone signals based on what you’ve got.
  • Improved control over golems.
  • Vis/Essentia Logic: React to the state of warded jars, recharging wands, nodes, cauldrons, and more.
  • Redstone Logic: A magic-themed take on “Redstone wire”, “wireless Redstone”, clocks, and various bits of logic (including strength-sensitive logic, not just “off” or “on”).
  • Centralized essential tracking and distribution.
  • Entity and player detectors.
  • Conjure Nether blocks (including lava) and creatures from essential.
  • A way to extract your XP so you can store it. (Brain in a Jar is not just for the Infernal Furnace and mob farms anymore!)
  • Lure mobs to their doom with the Siren’s Lure.
  • “Wirelessly” recharge your thaumostatic harness.
  • Make any chest (or other inventory blocks) into a pseudo-hungry chest using the Hungry Maw, or use the Finical Maw to make it respect an item filter.
  • Player “Quality of Life”: Quickly drop off items and restock your supplies with a single one-click visit to the Eager Chest, throw a special pearl to gather dropped items even at a distance, and automatically send excess items you pick up through your magic mirrors, etc.
  • Item Logistics: Maintain desired quantities of items in your chests, split supply chains into multiple routes, advanced filters (choose sensitivity to metadata and NBT, or even use text to indicate item names), and more.

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