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Natura Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— New Types of Trees, Plants


Spice up your Minecraft world generation with this cool mod – Natura! Created by username mDiyo, the Natura mod changes how Minecraft world generates by adding a few minor additions.

What the Mod Offers

The Natura mod is a world-gen companion to the mod Tinker’s construct and works pretty well with other mods that add many biomes, like ExtraBiomesXL and Biomes O’ Plenty. However, the Natura mod can be standalone and has excellent content.

With the Natura mod Installed, unique trees will start to generate, and world generation will be more balanced. This mod affects both the Overworld and the Nether world.

Note that this is a world generation mod and does not affect already generated worlds and maps. It is recommended to start a new game after installing this mod.

Should You Install It?

Natura mod makes Minecraft more interesting and exploration more rewarding. If you’ve played Minecraft repeatedly and want something new and exciting, install the Natura mod and create a new world!

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