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    Comparison between TNT explosions (left) and Bomb Arrow explosions (Right)

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Bullseye Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— New Arrow Types



Since the creator has abandoned this project, there will be no further updates or fixes!

Deal with hordes of zombies and creepers from afar with the help of the new arrows from Bullseye Mod.

What is the Mod About?

Bullseye is a simple mod that adds more than ten new arrow types to the game. Each new arrow has special features, including setting blocks on fire, dying sheep with new colors, and much more. The mod also features an expensive diamond arrow that can deal twice the amount of damage than regular arrows and a powerful bomb arrow that explodes in contact with blocks and mobs – dealing massive damage.

Should You Install it?

The new arrows perfectly fit the theme and gameplay of vanilla Minecraft. Many of the new arrows are quite powerful but are also quite expensive to craft. Overall we highly recommend installing this mod.

Crafting Recipes

Bomb Arrow Crafting Recipe
Bomb ArrowBomb Arrows are arrows that explode on contact with blocks and mobs. The will destroy most terrain blocks, although they have a smaller explosive radius and deal less damage than TNT.
Diamond Arrow Crafting Recipe
Diamond ArrowDiamond Arrows are an enhanced version of regular arrows. They deal twice the amount of damage that regular arrows do, and do not have any special effects.
Dye Arrows Crafting Recipe
Dye ArrowsDye Arrows deal 1/8th of the amount of damage that regular arrows do, so they are good to use for minigames with other players.
Egg Arrow Crafting Recipe
Egg ArrowEgg Arrows are a gag item that have a chance of spawning a chicken upon breaking.
Extinguishing Arrow Crafting Recipe
Extinguishing ArrowExtinguishing Arrows can put out fires, turn lava into obsidian, break torches, extinguish entities on fire, and remove dye from players wearing leather armor.
Fire Arrow Crafting Recipe
Fire ArrowFire Arrows can catch mobs on fire, as well as blocks. They can also melt ice and snow blocks, and turn packed ice blocks into ice blocks.
Ice Arrow Crafting Recipe
Ice ArrowIce Arrows can turn water into frosted ice, form snow on blocks, and turn ice blocks into packed ice blocks.
Lightning Arrow Crafting Recipe
Lightning ArrowLightning Arrows make lightning strike and catch fire wherever they land.
Training Arrow Crafting Recipe
Training ArrowTraining Arrows are good for practicing your archery skills. They do not damage entities, or stick into them, so you can pick them back up if you hit one. They are crafted with rabbit hide, a stick, a
Ender Arrow Crafting Recipe
Ender ArrowEnder Arrows teleport the player to the position they land, just like Ender Pearls.
Prismarine Arrow Crafting Recipe
Prismarine ArrowPrismarine Arrows are not affected by the slowdown that arrows normally get underwater, offering an easier way to deal with Ocean Monuments and other underwater combat.

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