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Welcome to the Minimap Mods category of MC-Mods. Minecraft Minimap Mods are the types of Minecraft mods that provide players a minimap feature with some information about blocks, items, players, environments, etc. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent Minimap Mods, update daily by ours.

JourneyMap Mod 1.13/1.12.2

Get real-time mapping of your Minecraft adventures with JourneyMap mod 1.13/1.12.2! This wonderful automatic mapping works in single player maps and server maps!JourneyMap mod for Minecraft 1.13 is more than your average...
voxelmap mod

Voxelmap Mod 1.13/1.12.2

People are always looking for ways to improve on Minecraft’s terrible vanilla mapping system. Sure, those little square bits of paper work, but the fact you need to actually craft a map...

MapWriter 2 Mod 1.13/1.12.2

Find your way across the vast Minecraft World with the mini-map mod MapWriter 2 by VectronDiablon. View the places you’ve explored and make your own Map!What the Mod Offers MapWriter 2 is a well-optimized...

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