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Not Enough Wands Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Utility Wands, Teleport, Fast Building


Not Enough Wands is a magic and utility mod that adds several magical wands in Minecraft for convenient use.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a bunch of wands with many special effects. These wands are created for utility and to make many menial things easier. The variety of wands added by this mod includes a Swapping wand that can swap blocks without needing to break them, a teleportation wand that can teleport you up to 30 blocks away from where you are pointing, capturing rod to capture animals and mobs easily, a an illumination wand to light up dark places, and so much more.

Should You Install It?

The mod is highly configurable and compatible with other mods, such as RF mods. The mod is also beneficial for both survival and creative modes.


  • Swapping Wand: select a block and make sure you have enough of that block in your inventory. Then you can replace other blocks with that block. Has a single mode, 3×3 mode, 5×5 mode, and a 7×7 mode (a bit like the Wand of Equal Trade). In the future, this wand will also have an undo functionality.
  • Teleportation Wand: right click forward to teleport (by default) 30 blocks. If you right-click on a block, then the player will be teleported to that block if there is room. If not, the player will be teleported next to the block.
  • Capturing Wand: capture any living mob (hostile or not) with a left click. Release it again with a right click.
  • Building Wand: extend your builds easily with this wand. It has several modes and also features undo for the last two building operations! No more accidental doubling of your floor.
  • Illumination Wand: light up dark places easily with this wand.
  • Moving Wand: pick up a block (normal blocks as well as tile entities such as chests, furnaces, spawners, aura nodes, …) and place it down elsewhere. It is configurable to make it more expensive to move some blocks, and it is also possible to blacklist them from being moved.
  • Displacement Wand: push or pull blocks or a rectangle of blocks. Works on tile entities as well.
  • Protection Wand: protect blocks against explosions or harvesting attempts. Every wand can only unprotect blocks protected by the same wand. You can make backups of your wands.
  • Master Protection Wand: this wand can unprotect blocks protected by any other wand.
  • Acceleration Wand: this wand accelerates block ticks (like crops, saplings, …) as well as tile entity ticks (spawners, furnaces, …). It has three modes related to how fast it should accelerate.

For every wand, you can configure the following settings:

  • Availability (not available, only creative, easy recipe, hard recipe)
  • If it should use durability
  • If it should use XP
  • If it should use RF
  • If (and how often) it can be generated in chests

In addition, some wands have specific configuration options. Some wands in this mod have different modes. You can change the mode of a wand with the ‘=’ key (default, you can change this in the key bindings).

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