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Better Builder’s Wands Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Easy Building


Build a huge structure inside Minecraft a lot easier and faster with Better Builder’s Wands mod! Created by username Portablejim, this mod adds four wands that can be used to simplify the building process – useful when building mega structures.

What the Mod Offers

Better Builder’s Wands Mod adds four different wands that you can use in survival or creative gameplay. These wands are designed to make menial and repetitive building tasks easier and can be used to place several blocks at once in either vertically or horizontally from the player’s crosshair.

Stone Builder’s Wand

The simplest tool can be crafted using two sticks and one cobblestone block. This wand can only place 5 blocks at a time and can only be used horizontally. The wand also has very low durability and can be broken quite easily.

Iron Builder’s Wand

The second-tier wand can place 9 blocks at a time and has two modes: Vertical placement and Horizontal placement.

Diamond Builder’s Wand

The wand for the serious builder, the Diamond Builder’s Wand can place up to 1500+ blocks at once and can be used quite a lot before breaking.

Unbreakable Builder’s Wand

The ultimate wand this mod offers is great for using in Creative mode or if you are really serious about building a huge structure. This final-tier wand can use all the blocks in your inventory in one use and doesn’t run out or break.

Should You Install It?

Minecraft is all about building. Whether you are in creative mode or in survival mode, the Better Builder’s Wands mod provides the much-needed convenience in building huge structures that require repeated placement of blocks. We highly recommend installing this mod to make your building labor a lot easier.

Crafting Recipes

Stone Builder's Wand Crafting Recipe
Stone Builder's Wand
Iron Builder's Wand Crafting Recipe
Iron Builder's Wand
Diamond Builder's Wand Crafting Recipe
Diamond Builder's Wand
Unbreakable Builder's Wand Crafting Recipe
Unbreakable Builder's Wand

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