• Dooglamoo Cities Mod
  • Screenshot 1

    Abandoned main street

  • Screenshot 2

    Realistic Terrain Generation

    Dooglamoo Cities abandoned city with Realistic Terrain Generation Mod.

  • Screenshot 3

    Abandoned City found

    Night falls on the abandoned city.

  • Screenshot 4

    Construction in progress

    Watching the customized buildings rise.

  • Screenshot 5


    Roads,overpasses, and tunnels

  • Screenshot 6

    Main Street

    Operational city center

  • Screenshot 7

    Manufacturing Industries

  • Screenshot 8

    Finance Blocks

  • Screenshot 9

    Trade Buildings

  • Screenshot 10

    Worker Blocks

  • Screenshot 11

    Resource Industries

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Dooglamoo Cities Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Self Building City


Do you ever want to live in an epic structure but lack time to gather all the resources to build one? Then design your city and create industries to gather the resources for you in Dooglamoo Cities mod!

What is the Mod About?

The mod lets you design your building to create a city quickly and without having to deal with tedious resource gathering and management. With the mod installed, abandoned cities will spawn in your world. You will also be able to create your city and collect taxes. The mod is also highly configurable.

Should You Install it?

Although not balanced, the mod is fun to use, especially when just playing around with friends. There is also a challenge to collect 1,000,000 in taxes.


  • Generated abandoned cities with loot
  • Subway tunnels and stations
  • Import/export items from a global market
  • Disasters: drought, fire, blight, alien (ghast) invasion
  • Automated industry
  • Adjustable tax rate
  • Auto constructing and repairing buildings
  • The player configures each building’s appearance
  • In-game reference book
  • Achievements

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