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Furnus Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Furnace and Grinder Upgrade


Add a helpful furnace and grinder in Minecraft with this cool mod called Furnus! Created by mod developer MrRiegel, the mod adds a modular grinder to the game!

What is the mod about?

The mod adds a modular furnace and grinder that can be customized depending on the upgrade you install on it. Some upgrades can increase the speed of the furnace, others decrease fuel consumption, and others can increase XP output or allow furnace automation input-output automation.

Should You Install It?

The mod adds simple yet very useful new blocks that can also be used for automation. The mod can also be used alongside any technology-based mods or used with vanilla Minecraft.


  • Speed Upgrade: Increases speed and fuel consumption.
  • Efficiency Upgrade: Decreases fuel consumption.
  • IO Upgrade: Enables automation. I=Input, O=Output, F=Fuel.
    • X means nothing can enter or leave this side.
    • Check mark means you can input and output with hoppers, itemducts, pipes, etc.
    • A means the furnus/pulvus pulls/pushes by itself. It includes the check mark.
  • Slot Upgrade: Adds one additional input slot and output slot (max. 2).
  • Bonus Upgrade: Increases the chance of more output. Increases fuel consumption.
  • XP Upgrade: Increases XP output.
  • Eco Upgrade: Keeps the heat even if there are no items in input slots and prevents the progress bar will be reset if the furnus/pulvus is out of fuel.
  • Energy Upgrade: Enables energy support.

The grinder grinds the usual items:

  • Iron Ingot -> 1x Iron Dust
  • Block of Quartz -> 4x Nether Quartz
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore -> 8x Lapis Lazuli
  • Gold Ore -> 2x Gold Dust
  • Stone Bricks -> 1x Cobblestone
  • Diamond Ore -> 2x Diamond
  • Cobblestone -> 1x Gravel
  • Coal Ore -> 3x Coal
  • Redstone Ore -> 8x Redstone
  • Gravel -> 1x Sand
  • Glowstone -> 4x Glowstone Dust
  • Gold Ingot -> 1x Gold Dust
  • Iron Ore -> 2x Iron Dust
  • Stone -> 1x Cobblestone
  • Nether Quartz Ore -> 3x Nether Quartz
  • Blaze Rod -> 4x Blaze Powder
  • Emerald Ore -> 2x Emerald
  • Wool -> 4x String
  • Bone -> 6x Bone Meal

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