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Akashic Tome Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Hold Mod Tools Like Wrenches


Tired of carrying multiple manuals and guides from all the mods you’ve installed? Then craft the Akashic Tome and carry them all using a single item slot.

What the Mod Offers

Created by the talented mod developer Vazkii, the mod adds a single item called Akashic Tome, this book has the ability to contain various books to itself and morph into the book you want to use, so you’ll only need to bring along one book as you go on adventuring, mining, and even building. The mod is similar to the popular Morph-o-Tool mod from the same author.

Should You Install It?

The mod is fairly helpful when you have lots of mods installed that add guides, manuals, hints, and grimoires. This mod makes carrying all those books possible and convenient.


The Akashic Tome can be combined with mods’ documentation books and can store as many as you can fit in there.

  • To add a book, combine them on the crafting table. You can have as many as you want, including duplicates.
  • You get the actual item from the mod, not an emulation of the item or a container. This ensures 100% compatibility with that item’s functionality.
  • The item gets some NBT data tacked onto it to change its name and ensure the game knows to change it back properly.
  • Since you get the actual item, you can use it for crafting, but you probably shouldn’t, as you’ll lose all other attached items.
  • To morph the tome into another mod’s documentation book that is added to it, simply right-click and pick the one you want.
  • Shift-right clicking a block from a mod that has a book added to the tome will morph the tome into that book. If you have multiple from the same mod, it’ll take the first added.
  • To unmorph back into the tome, left-click the air.
  • While in the standard “Akashic Tome” item, you can right-click a block that does not have a documentation book to be taken to its wiki (this uses the Botania Wiki API and will default to the FTB wiki)
  • To remove items attached to it, drop the item using Q while shifting, and it’s morphed into the item you want to remove.


The config file for the mod includes the following:

  • An option to allow every single item to be attached. Disabled by default.
  • A blacklist for mods that should not have items attached.
  • A whitelist for names where items that contain them should be able to be attached (like a book, tome, lexicon…)
  • A whitelist for specific items that don’t contain the previous names should also be able to be attached.
  • An alias list. It allows you to redirect one mod to another. For example, RFTools adds the Smart Wrench, and the alias list contains “rftoolsdim=rftools”, so when you look at an RFTools Dimensions block (different mod) while you have a Smart Wrench, it’ll grab that instead. Other aliases include Thermal Dynamics to Thermal Expansion, for example.

How to Use

  • Right-clicking with the tome will open an interface showing all the added books, clicking on a book will turn the tome into the selected book. Left-clicking without looking at any block with the book will turn it back into the tome.
  • Shift right-clicking with the tome on a block will turn the tome into a book from the mod adding that block. If multiple books from that mod are present, it will choose the first one added. If the book is not present, it will instead attempt to open a relevant wiki page, using Botania’s wiki lookup API used by Lexica Botania.
  • To remove a book from the tome, turn the tome into that book, then throw the tome while sneaking – this will throw the chosen book and leave the tome in the player’s inventory.
  • The tome does not emulate the functionality of other mod’s books. Instead, it turns into the actual book with the tome’s data stored as NBT data – care is advised, as crafting with books stored by the tome may result in the loss of the tome and all stored books.

Crafting Recipes

Akashic Tome Crafting Recipe
Akashic TomeIt crafted with a Book and a Bookshelf

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