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Recall Stones Mod (1.10.2, 1.9.4)— Another Level of Teleportation


Being able to move quickly between two locations has always been an issue in Minecraft. At first, they added minecarts, but when players didn’t think those were fast enough, they got horses too. The Recall Stones mod allows for even quicker travel by instantly teleporting you from where you are to wherever you previously set up a recall stone. This is very similar to the Mark and Recall spells from old Elder Scrolls titles and the Ultima Online transport system. These aren’t like the moonstones from Ultima, where you must wait for certain moon phases to go to certain places.

You set the stones wherever you want, and when you use the appropriate item, you will return to those locations. You can’t do this infinitely – each stone stores an energy source called ender charges, and each recall effect drains some of this energy. Some stones use more or less energy, and they have some other special effects, like the dimension recall stone, which allows you to hop from the overworld to the Nether and even the End without the need for a gate or stronghold. Recall Stones is excellent if you want warps without adding the warp command to your world or server.

Crafting Recipes

Following Recall Stone Crafting Recipe
Following Recall StoneCan store 100 charges and cost 25 per recall.
Recall Stone Crafting Recipe
Recall StoneCan store 10 charges and cost 2 per recall.
Dimension Recall Stone Crafting Recipe
Dimension Recall StoneCan store 25 charges and cost 5 per recall.
Player Essence Crafting Recipe
Player EssenceDropped from other players when you kill them.

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