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    Place it down, name it

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    Step on the Telepad

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Telepad Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Teleportation Made Easy


Are you tired of walking from one place to another? Take the Telepad instead and teleport your way around the map with this wonderful mod!

What is the Mod About?

Created by username Subaraki, the mod adds new teleportation pads to the game called Telepads. You can craft a telapad using three glass blocks, three ender pearls, two iron blocks, and a compass. The mod also features a new item called Ender Bead necklace that allows the user to teleport to the nearest telepad instantly by simply carrying it and breaking the beads.

Should You Install it?

The new teleportation pads are easy to use, balanced to craft, and convenient all-around. We highly recommend installing this mod.

Crafting Recipes

Telepad Crafting Recipe
Transmitter Upgrade Crafting Recipe
Transmitter Upgrade
Toggler Upgrade Crafting Recipe
Toggler Upgrade
Ender Bead Necklaces Crafting Recipe
Ender Bead NecklacesEnder Bead Necklaces are crafted with 4 beads and 3 string.

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