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End Metals Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Modded Ores to the End Dimension


Explore the End dimension and mine all the ores with the End Metals mod by jriwanek and his team.

What the mod is about?

The mod is a base overhaul mod that puts ore generation to the End dimension. The mod adds vanilla and even modded ores to the End and supports various other mods like Base Metals, Modern Metals, and so much more.

Should You Install It?

Exploring the End is entirely an optional thing, as getting there and leaving there means completing the game’s story. However, if you wish still to harvest resources in the limited land of the end, you can install this mod and add ores to the End dimension.


Vanilla Ores:

  • End Iron Ore
  • End Lapis Ore
  • End Redstone Ore
  • End Coal Ore
  • End Gold Ore
  • End Diamond Ore
  • End Emerald Ore

Base Metals Ores:

  • End Copper Ore
  • End Tin Ore
  • End Lead Ore
  • End Silver Ore
  • End Zinc Ore
  • End Nickel Ore
  • End Mercury Ore
  • End Platinum Ore
  • End Antimony Ore
  • End Bismuth Ore

Modern Metals Ores:

  • End Aluminum Ore
  • End Cadmium Ore
  • End Chromium Ore
  • End Iridium Ore
  • End Magnesium Ore
  • End Manganese Ore
  • End Osmium Ore
  • End Plutonium Ore
  • End Rutile Ore
  • End Tantalum Ore
  • End Titanium Ore
  • End Tungsten Ore
  • End Uranium Ore
  • End Zirconium Ore


  • End Ores spawn only in the End

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