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Drones Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Step in the future and feel the danger of autonomous attack units with Drones Mod by Vadis365.

What is the Mod About?

Initially made for the Invasion modpack by Darkosto, this mod adds 2 mobs and two items to the game.

Hostile Attack Drone

The hostile attack drone will shoot saw blades at any player and will try to kill them.

Protective Drone

The protective Player Drone acts as a companion that will attack any hostile mobs and will try to defend the player at all costs.


The two new items are Drone Constructor, which allows the player to spawn their own drone, and Drone Disruptor, which acts like an EMP that will destroy any non-player drones within range.

Should You Install it?

The mod is perfect if you already have various advanced technology mods installed.


  • Several configuration options are available to change how the mod works, including mob damage, health, and spawning rules.
  • The in-game config menu available from the ‘mods’ tab on the main menu allows you to customize many aspects.
  • Drones will not spawn in The Nether, The End, and any Biome that has an Ore Dictionary type of WATER or OCEAN.
  • Any settings in the config file based on ‘days’ are set as in-game days from when you 1st started your world.

Crafting Recipes

Drone Disruptor Crafting Recipe
Drone DisruptorThe Drone Disruptor is a craftable item that will send out an ‘EMP’ signal which will destroy any non player drones within range.
Drone Constructor Crafting Recipe
Drone ConstructorThe Drone Constructor is a craftable item that will spawn a player owned drone. The drone will display the player’s head as a way of showing it’s owner.

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