• CapabilityProxy Mod
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    Forward Capabilities

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    Error Indication

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    Additional Sides

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    Other Capabilities

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    Other Capabilities 2

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    Use case

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    Ranged Proxies

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    Can be combined with regular proxies

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    Item Capability Proxy

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    Entity Capability Proxy

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CapabilityProxy Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Multiple Sides


Ever had a problem of trying to interact with multiple sides of a block but find yourself unable to? The CapabilityProxy mod is the solution for you!

What the Mod is About?

The mod extends the capabilities of one-side of a target block to five additional sides – now you can access all sides. The mod allows blocks to communicate with their neighbors more effectively. The mod also features an entity capability proxy that allows interaction with various entities as if they are blocks and an item capability proxy that allows players to access and interact with various items as if they are blocks.

Should You Install it?

The mod is especially helpful when playing with technology mods that add automation to the game.

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Iron IngotObsidianIron IngotObsidianNether WartObsidianIron IngotObsidianIron Ingot
Capability Proxy
Capability ProxyEntity Capability ProxyItem Capability ProxyRanged Capability Proxy

Capability Proxy — Used In 3 Recipes

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Eye of EnderPopped Chorus FruitEye of EnderCapability ProxyCapability ProxyCapability ProxyEye of EnderPopped Chorus FruitEye of Ender
Entity Capability Proxy

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Capability Proxy
Ender ChestTrapped ChestChestTrapped Chest
Gold Ingot
Item Capability Proxy

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Ender PearlCapability ProxyCapability ProxyCapability ProxyEnder Pearl
Ranged Capability Proxy

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