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Get a load of useful new items and blocks with Dark Utilities Mod. This mod adds a series of content that are useful in a wide range of circumstances.

What the Mod Offers

The mod features a bit of everything from new blocks with specific functions, new helpful items, and more. Dark Utilities Mod also adds new Redstone components and controls like delayed timer, among many others. This mod also allows user to create sneaky blocks that can disguise various vanilla blocks to look like something else visually to fool the eyes of other players. The mod also features some charms, rings, and sashes.

Dark Utilities Mod Showcase

How to Install Dark Utilities Mod 1.18.1 / 1.17.1

The mod requires Minecraft Forge and the core and library mod called Bookshelf. Due to the number of items this mod offers, it is also recommended to install the mod Just Enough Items to view all the items featured in this mod. To properly install the mod, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download BookShelf Core and Library Mod
  3. (Optional) Download Just Enough Items Mod (JEI)
  4. Download Dark Utilities Mod using the link below.
  5. Put all the downloaded files inside the mods folder in the Minecraft Directory.

Should You Install It?

The mod has a bit of everything for everyone and for every occasion. The goal of the mod is to add various helpful blocks and items that will make Minecraft a little more pleasant. We highly recommend that you try this mod out.

Dark Utilities Mod 1.18.2 / 1.16.5 Download Links

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Created: February 25, 2016
Developer: DarkhaxDev
Downloads: 59M
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Rating: 5.00 - 1 votes
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