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BiomeTweaker Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Customize Your Biomes


Are you tired of seeing the same old boring biomes when roaming around your Minecraft worlds? If you are, you’re not alone. The BiomeTweaker mod spices up the environments in Minecraft by allowing the user to change almost all aspects of each and every biome in the game. However, these changes are brought about through lines of script, so you’ll need to understand Java if you want to use this mod to any natural effect. The wiki does have information on how to write these scripts, including lots of examples, so that’s probably the best place to start.

Because the BiomeTweaker only works on the generation phase of a new world, you can’t just make changes with the mod and expect them to appear in a world you’ve already established. If you want to see it in action, you’ll need to start on a new world after installing this mod. That, or look for a stream where the player is using BiomeTweaker. There are minor bugs throughout this mod, but it’s mostly stable. You can change just about anything since it even works with custom biomes – or most of them.


  • Changing basic properties of biomes (name, colors, temperature, blocks, etc.).
  • Creating new biomes from a blank slate or as a copy of an existing biome.
  • Removing existing biomes from generation.
  • Tweaking or completely removing existing decorations and features (grass, flowers, trees, caves, dungeons, etc.).
  • Adding new and completely custom decorations to biomes and worlds.
  • Removing and adding mob spawns to biomes.
  • Replacing virtually any block placed during generation on a per biome per world basis.
  • Applying potion effects to mobs and players in selected biomes.

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