Minecraft bookcases are nothing but decorative blocks – you can’t even put books on them! With this mod, not only will bookcases become functional, you will also find a lot of other items and books to place inside them!

BiblioCraft Mod first started as a simple mod that fixes the bookcase block. Later along the way, it expanded into something a lot more than the original. Released by username NucHaz, the mod features a whole bunch of storage and aesthetic blocks that focuses around books, libraries, and bookcases. These include armor-stands, lecterns, and more.

What the Mod Offers

Although the mod started with just a mere 6 blocks, it later expanded to include hundreds of items, blocks, and written books. The mod became one of the most used mods on servers as it allows players to write their own books and share them with others, then display them wonderfully.

Tons of Bookcases

The mod adds tons of bookcases with different sizes, different styles, and different materials. Just like most wood-type blocks in vanilla Minecraft, the bookcases are available in birch, spruce, oak, and more. Unlike vanilla bookcases, these bookcases are aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully functional. Placing a bookcase for the first time, and you’ll notice that it will be empty. By adding books inside, the bookcase’s appearance will start to change – displaying more and more books.

Books to Read and to Write

With tons of bookcases to display them on, you will be needing books – and a whole lot of them. Fortunately, this mod adds a series of books from recipe books to atlases. On top of that, you may also write your own book, or get some from your friends.

Storages, Shelf Displays, and More.

BiblioCraft does not only adds bookcases, but it also adds a series of library and fantasy related blocks such as a sword pedestal, desk, tool rack, seat, table, and even a typewriter. Aside from that, the mod also adds miscellaneous fancy items and objects like a cookie jar, a dinner plate, a desk bell, and some fancy lantern and painting.

BiblioCraft Mod Installation

BiblioCraft makes use of the modding API. You must install Minecraft Forge first, in order to use this mod. The mod uses the standard installation for any Forge-based mods.

  1. To install the mod, you must first download the BiblioCraft mod version of your choice.
  2. Once downloaded, all you need to do is drag and drop the file into the mods folder located in your Minecraft game directory (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).

BiblioCraft Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links

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