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Tiny Progressions Mod (1.15.2, 1.12.2)— Here are some new vanilla style items


Automate your work even at low levels with Tiny Progressions mod! Created by the username Kashdeya, this mod adds many items that enhance gameplay and helps players cope in the early games.

What the Mod Offers

The mod provides many new things to assist the player in low-level automation. The mod also has some fantastic items for mid and late-game stuff. The mod generally adds; watering cans, cobblestone generators, growth crystals, mycelium seeds, emerald apples, diamond apples, med kits, smooth endstones, flint armor, stone armor, and so much more.

Should You Install It?

The mod adds many interesting items, new weapons, some cool tools and machines, and more. The content this mod adds fits with the Minecraft theme, so installing it is highly recommended regardless of the theme of your mod pack.


  • Watering Cans
  • Cobblestone Generators
  • Growth Crystals
  • Mycelium Seeds
  • Emerald Apple
  • Diamond Apple
  • Med Kit
  • Charcoal Block
  • Wither Proof Glass
  • Wither Proof Obsidian
  • Compressed Flesh Block
  • Compressed Bone Block
  • Compressed Nether Star Block
  • Compressed Flint Block
  • Reinforced Obsidian Ingot
  • Diorite, Granite, Andesite Brick Blocks
  • Stone Stick And Torch
  • Ender Ore And Dust
  • Notch Apple Recipe Or a Golden Apple Progression
  • Smooth Endstone
  • Stone Armor
  • Flint Armor
  • Oak Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Birthday Pickaxe
  • Vanilla-style Scythes, Battleaxes, Multi Tools, and Spears with extended reach.
  • Emerald and Obsidian Tools

Getting Started

  • Watering Cans: Two tiers of watering cans to help remove the need for a bone meal on crops and saplings.
  • Cobblestone Generators: Five tiers of Cobble Gens for cobblestone automation. Each tier increases output speed. You can use a hopper or pipes to extract the cobblestone from the generator.
  • Growth Crystals: These are used to increase crop growth in a 9-block radius. They do not require fuel and help in increasing your crop production.
  • Configs: There are a lot of things that are configurable, Some things are turned off by default.

☝🏽 Useful Guide

Discussion (3)

My game crashes when i place a cobblestone gen above a hopper and i look into the hopper.
Please help me how to prevent this crash.

Please make sure to install a fresh version of Minecraft, install only Tiny Progressions. If you still get crash, let our know.

Still crashes. 🙁
I looked in the crash report, it says that a ticking block entity(The cobblestone gen) Has made the crash
I also found a “Updating screen events” crash with the big pouch

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