• Spartan Shields Mod
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    Tower Shields function in the same way as regular Shields but you can also apply some banners to them!

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    All Shields (as of v1.3)

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    Diamond Shield

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    Gold Shield

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    Iron Shield

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    Stone Shield

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    Wood Shield

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Spartan Shields Mod (1.16.5, 1.15.2)— More Awesome Shields


Add a variety of shields to your game with this wonderful mod from username ObliviousSpartan – Spartan Shields. This mod also features mod integration with other popular mods, resulting in even cooler shields.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a variety of shields to vanilla Minecraft, from crude wooden and stone-braced shields to diamond-reinforced and bulky obsidian shields. Each shield has its own unique property and durability, and some can even slow the player down. When other mods are installed, the Spartan Shield mod can even be crafted from copper, bronze, silver, platinum, lead, enderium, and other metals.

Should You Install It?

The mod perfectly fits the vanilla theme and even has mod integration with other popular mods. We highly recommend installing this mod to expand the selection of shields.


  • Crude Wooden Shield – Very early game with low durability; easily crafted in an emergency; Base of all other shields
  • Stone Braced Shield – Early-Mid game with improved durability over the basic wood shield
  • Iron Plated Shield – Mid-game shield with better durability than vanilla’s shield
  • Gold Gilded Shield – Low-Durability shield with a higher chance of getting a better enchantment on it
  • Diamond Reinforced Shield – Late game shield with durability that seems to last forever
  • Bulky Obsidian Shield – High Durability Shield that slows the player down when equipped

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