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Simple Sponge Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Port of OpenBlocks Sponge


Use the sponge item in many new ways with the Simple Sponge Mod by username Jacky1356400.

What the Mod is About?

The Simple Sponge Mod is the spiritual successor to the Open Blocks sponge that was available back in 1.7.10. The mod features two different sponge variants: Regular and Magmatic. The magmatic sponge works like the sponge but can work on lava. The mod also features sponge on stick tool, open blocks integration, and more.

Should You Install it?

The mod is quite useful for clearing out huge water sources, and the new magmatic sponge can be used on lava, making it quite a safety block when mining.


  • Two different Sponge variants – Regular and Magmatic.
  • Five different Sponge on Stick variants – Regular, Magmatic, Compressed Regular, Compressed Magmatic, and Energized.
  • Regular Sponge breaks after absorbing hot fluids.
  • Magmatic and Energized Sponge can absorb hot fluids without breaking itself.
  • Configurable radius for all the Sponges (up to 64 blocks).
  • Configurable durability for Sponge on a Stick (Regular and Magmatic variants, up to 2147483647).
  • Configurable energy and per right-click energy use for Energized Sponge on a Stick.
  • OpenBlocks integration, Sponge, and Sponge on a Stick will be disabled. Magmatic Sponge and Compressed Sponge on a Stick will use the Sponge from OpenBlocks if the integration is enabled (enabled by default to prevent recipe conflicts, can be disabled through config if you wish to use the sponges from this mod, remember to use CraftTweaker to disable/modify the OpenBlocks sponge recipes though).

📌 Dependencies

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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