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Personal Cars Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Your own cars in Minecraft!


What’s a modern world without cars, right? Add cool and fully functional cars to your world with Personal Cars Mod by username Ktos94852.

What is the Mod About?

The mod currently adds five types of cars to the game: Compact car, SUV, transporter, racecar, and truck. Every kind of car is available in four different colors. With this mod installed, you will get a key with it that allows you to access and drive the car after crafting a car. Anyone without the key or have a different key won’t be able to drive your car.

Should You Install it?

Although the models are straightforward, the mod is fun to play with on Multiplayer servers. The mod is designed so that the car’s owner is the only one capable of driving it, and no one else – except you- lends them the key.

Crafting Recipes

Car Key Crafting Recipe
Car Key
Car Engine Crafting Recipe
Car Engine
Car Wheel Crafting Recipe
Car Wheel
Compact Car Crafting Recipe
Compact CarIt can carry 2 passengers, achieves average speed and HP.
SUV Crafting Recipe
SUVIt can carry 2 passengers, doesn’t sink and blow up easily in water, slower than compact car, has more HP.
Racecar Crafting Recipe
RacecarIt can carry 1 person, moves quickly on surface, barely in the water.
Transporter Crafting Recipe
TransporterNot too fast and it’s nearly 4 blocks wide, but it can transport any mobs you can use lead on. When you’re transporting big animals, it can carry up to 6 of them, otherwise you can carry even 9 mobs!
Car Colors Crafting Recipe
Car ColorsIn car recipes you can use one of the above dyes to get different car colors
Whip Crafting Recipe
WhipRequired if you want to put your animals in a transporter. It also punishes animals if you right click them (it doesn’t deal any damage, but makes mobs flee in panic).
Key Modifier Crafting Recipe
Key ModifierYou can unpair a paired key here or copy one key’s identifier to another.

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