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Ore Tweaker Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1)— Tweak Vanilla Ore Generation


Ore Tweaker is a small, well-written utility mod that allows players to control vanilla ore generation fully.

What is the Mod About?

Created by username EwyBoy, the mod allows you to disable and change the rules of how ores spawn in vanilla Minecraft. Ore Tweaker mod also features a tool for map creators to use when distributing the ores. The mod can affect vanilla ore gen by changing spawn level, vein size, and spawn rate per chunk and disabling underground dirt, gravel, andesite, granite, and diorite.

Should You Install it?

The mod benefits mod developers and world map creators and can be perfect for custom map servers. The mod also allows players to create their custom ore gen that is useful for making your custom world.


  • Disable vanilla ore gen.
  • Disable underground dirt,  gravel,  andesite,  granite, and diorite.
  • Replace it with your own custom ore gen.
  • Minimum spawn level.
  • Maximum spawn level.
  • Minimum vein size.
  • Maximum vein size.
  • Spawn rate per chunk.

How to Use

Disable Ores:

  1. Find the ore you want to disable [Example: Diamond].
  2. Set “Disable Diamond Ore” = true.
  3. Save config.

Custom Ore Generation:

  1. You MUST disable the vanilla ore generation before you can add a custom ore generation.
  2. Find the ore you want to add a custom world generation to after you have disabled the vanilla ore generation for that ore [Example: Diamond].
  3. Set “Custom OreGen: Diamond Ore”=true.
  4. Add a vein spawn rate.
  5. Add a maximum vein size.
  6. Add a minimum vein Size.
  7. Add a maximum spawn level (Y-Level / Height).
  8. Add a minimum spawn level (Y-Level / Height).
  9. Save config.

Example of how the OreTweaker data files can be configured:

  • “ore” – The registry name of the block to generate. Can found by pressing F3 + H and hover over in inventory
  • “filler” – What block to replace with the “ore”, usually stone or nether rack
  • “minY” – Minimum Y-Level ore can spawn above
  • “maxY” – Maximum Y-Level ore can spawn below
  • “maxVeinSize” – Maximum size of ore vein
  • “spawnRate” – How many attempts at generating the ore per chunk
  • “biomeBlacklist” – List of forbidden biome names where the ore cannot generate [Choose either blacklist or whitelist or none of them]
  • “biomeWhitelist” – List of allowed biome names where the ore can generate [Prioritized above blacklist]
  "oreConfig": [
      "ore": "minecraft:lava",
      "filler": "minecraft:sand",
      "minY": 56,
      "maxY": 64,
      "maxVeinSize": 64,
      "spawnRate": 10.0,
      "biomeBlacklist": [],
      "biomeWhitelist": ["SANDY"]

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