• Iron Chest Mod
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    Initial Set of Chests with Item Upgrade

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    New Chests

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    New Chests & Upgrades

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    Crystal Chest

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    Expanded Storage

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    Default Chest Skins

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Iron Chest Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Better Than Vanilla Chests

Create chests made from various metals in vanilla Minecraft with Iron Chest mod! Create a wide variety of chests in different sizes and with extra functions.

What the Mod Offers

Contrary to the mod title, the mod not only adds Iron Chest, but also a bunch of other chests with different sizes, unique properties, and special functions.

A Bunch of New Chests

Iron chest is just one of the chests you can create. With this mod installed, you can create chests from diamonds, gold ingots, and more.

The Wonderful Crystal Chest

Perhaps the best chest in this mod is the wonderful crystal chest with a fancy transparent effect that will display the blocks and items you have stored inside. This chest will make it easier to sort out your items by chests.

Should You Install It?

The mod is fun and useful and does not stray from vanilla Minecraft. The mod is also very balanced and can be used on clients and servers.

Chest Upgrades

  • Christmas: 27 Slots
    • Christmas-themed skin for the default chest.
  • Copper: 45 Slots
  • Iron: 54 Slots
  • Gold: 81 Slots
  • Emerald: 108 Slots
  • Diamond: 108 Slots
  • Crystal: 108 Slots
    • Transparent and renders items inside dynamically.
  • Obsidian: 108 Slots
    • Completely blast resistant.
  • DirtChest 9000: 1 Slots
    • Comes with a handy user manual.

Christmas Chest is available only on the Fabric / Quilt version!

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