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Ore Excavation Integration Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Extends Ore Excavation


Make ore excavation more exciting and rewarding with the Ore Excavation Integration mod by username BloodWorkXGaming.

What is the Mod About?

The mod extends the OreExcavation mod by Funwayguy and integrates it with the enchantments of the Tinkers’ Construct. With the mod installed, you won’t be able to excavate by default and instead would need to enchant your tool with a new enchantment that allows it to excavate. The magic has five levels and has the same effect as modifiers.

Should You Install it?

Only install this mod if you wish to go the extra step to excavating mods. Although it has a nice balance and mod integration, it is not necessary with the game.

How to Use

To allow excavation again, you either have to enchant your tool with the Excavate Enchantment or add the Modifier on your Tinkers Tool. You can apply up to 25 Modifiers for an increasing mining distance.

The enchantment has 5 levels and achieves the same effect as the modifier.


  • All normal configs which can be made in Ore Excavation still apply.
  • In the configs for this mod, you can specify a blacklist for items you want to be able/not able to add the enchantment on.

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