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More Bees Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— More Bees to Forestry


Make Minecraft more BEE-autiful with More Bees mod by username Tencao. This mod is an add-on to Forestry Mod based on the discontinued Binnie’s Extra Bees mod.

What the Mod Offers

More Bees Mod extends the species of bees from the Forestry mod by adding 23 new bee species. These new bees can produce different things, from iron to Redstone. When paired with other mods like IC2 or Tinkers, the species of bees will also increase. The mod also adds one new base species: Rocky, three new types of frames, new plants, and more.

Should You Install It?

Forestry is a fun content mod that adds new things to the game. This mod addon extends that content by adding more than two dozen new bee species.


  • 23 new bee species (+ 12 bees if other mods are installed like IC2 or Tinkers) that produce all manner of different things from iron to Redstone to prismarie to obsidian to red sand.
  • One new base species: Rocky.
  • 3 new types of frames.
  • Added chorus plants as an ender flower because dragon eggs are ridiculous as a flower.

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