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InGame Info XML Mod (1.12.2, 1.10.2)— Display Various Information Directly


Do you know that special screen in Minecraft that pops up when you press F3? It displays all kinds of information, like the direction you’re facing, current coordinates, the biome where you’re standing, and more. The InGame Info XML mod allows you to adjust some settings for this F3 screen, removing vanilla information or adding your customized bits of information as you wish. The mod comes with a config that makes it like the default Minecraft F3 screen, so you don’t get anything different until you start filling out parameters in the config file.

Once you do, you can get all kinds of information posted on your screen at the press of a button. The day, for one, and the current time can be posted. This is great for Hardcore players who want to know just how long they make it in a world where dying once means dying forever. A tag for light levels will let you know if an area is bright enough to stop the spawning of hostile mobs or allow for the spawning of friendly mobs like cows and chickens. There is also a tag thatthat tells you the number of entities in your surroundings and measures multiple ranges.


/igi reload

Reload the last loaded configuration file. Useful for testing/debugging.

/igi load <filename>

Load the configuration from a file. The file extension determines the format.

/igi save

Save the current configuration to a file. The file extension determines the format.

/igi enable

Disable the GUI.

/igi disable

Enable the GUI.

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