lunatriuscore mod for minecraft

LunatriusCore Mod (1.12.2, 1.10.2)— Library for Lunatrius’s Mods


Like other library mods, LunatriusCore Mod is practically useless on its own. It does come with a few minor changes that don’t make a big difference in-game, but these are negligible. The real reason you would pick up this mod is to go with all the other mods by Lunatrius, which all depend on this core mod for specific bits of code to make them work. Library mods like LunatriusCore cut down on the size of related mods by cutting down on redundant coding – this means that mods like Laser Level and InGame Info won’t work unless you have this core mod installed as well.

That said, there’s not much else to include in this review. LunatriusCore doesn’t do much on its own, so probably 99.9% of players who aren’t using any related mods will also have no reason to use this mod. Some of the mods which need this library are very nice and worth checking out, including Monster Spawn Highlighter, Stackie, and the mods which were previously mentioned, not to mention 2 or 3 more. About ten mods require LunatriusCore, and you can find a complete list on the author’s website, where he still releases regular updates.

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