• Easy Villagers Mod
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    Villager Item

    The villager item can be obtained by sneaking and right-clicking a villager or pressing the 'V' key.

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    The villager item can be placed by right-clicking on the ground.

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    Trader Block

    The trader block allows trading with the villager without having to deal with securing the villager. This block also allows the villager to restock in non-working hours. The restocking time of the villager is not dependent on any external sources like day/night time or dimension. You can customize the trading interval in the config.

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    Auto Trader Block

    The auto trader works exactly line the trader block, except it automatically trades items for you. You can also automatically put items in and take items out with a hopper. The cooldown between trades is fully configurable.

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    Farmer Block

    The farmer block contains a whole crop farm in a single block. This helps to reduce lag and save space.

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    Breeder Block

    The breeder block produces baby villagers by putting in food. This also helps to reduce lag, save space and also a lot of frustration.

  • Screenshot 7

    Converter Block

    The converter block converts villagers to zombie villagers and cures them afterwards, enabling the player that placed the block better trades from the cured villager. This block needs a golden apple, any type of potion of weakness and the villager to convert. This process takes approximately five minutes.

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    Iron Farm Block

    The iron farm block contains a complete iron farm in a single block. It produces one iron golem every four minutes. This averages about one iron ingot per minute.

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    Trade Cycling

    When looking for a good trade, you always have to remove the villagers workstation, in order to reset their trades. The trade cycle button solves this problem. If a villager hasn't been traded before, you can just press it and the trades reset automatically.Alternatively you can use the 'C' key to cycle trades.

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Easy Villagers Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Capture Villagers


The Easy Villagers mod completely overhauls the villagers’ structure, giving players a fun and satisfying experience. By picking up and storing villagers as things, you can walk around with them and put them anywhere, thanks to this open-source mod. Additionally, players can carry portable farms, capture villages, and even breed them when on the move. While stored, players can exchange goods with these folks.

Hold down the shift key and the right mouse button while using this mod to acquire villagers or press “V” on your keyboard. Players can also heal zombie villagers using the converter block in this mod. However, this requires potions.


  • Shift Right-Click on Villagers to obtain them.

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