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    Next to a campfire

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    Riding My Red Chocobo near a Ancient City with a Tiny Chicobo Nearby

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    Pink Chocobo's

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    Yellow Chocobo's

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ChocoCraft Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Chocobos from Final Fantasy


Ride a fabulous Chocobo for war and leisure with this amazing mob mod – ChocoCraft! Created by mod developer Clienthax, this mod does not add chocolate as the title implies; instead, it adds a new class of mob called Chocobos based on the Final Fantasy universe.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a mob called Chocobo that can be tamed and mounted. These chocobos come in a different colors, styles, and even abilities. A new plant known as Gysahl Greens will also spawn in forested areas that serve as food to the Chocobos. These mobs can also breed and procreate; you can even unlock a new breed of chocobos by cross-breeding. Rare chocobos have special abilities like gliding in the air, flying, or walking on water.

Should You Install It?

You’ll adore this mod if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy game series. If you are not, install this mod anyway to get a new, well-thought-of giant mountable bird that is far better than horses.

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