• Ancient Warfare 2 Mod
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    Siege Engineer, Medic, Commander, Archer, Soldier, Combat NPC

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    Catapults, ballistae, small trebuchets, large trebuchets.

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    Clash your armies for epic battles

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    One warehouse can solve all your storage problems

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    World Generation

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    Money that you can spend at trader markets and shops that some structures contain!

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    Mod Support

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Ancient Warfare 2 Mod (1.12.2, 1.7.10)— NPCs, Farms, Quarries


Simulate an ancient battle and castle sieges with medieval weapons and siege machines from the mod Ancient Warfare 2 by Shadowmage45.

What the Mod Offers

The mod provides the game with many new blocks, weapons, items, NPCs, and even siege weapons.

Automation and Technology

The mod also features a new tiered technology designed around the medieval age.


The mod features windmills, gates, and even bridges that can be used to build fortresses and castles.


You can recruit soldiers or hire workers. You may even trade with non-combat NPCs or create an entire army.


A work-in-progress part of the mod is the vehicle module that adds ballista, catapults, and even cool hwachas.

Should You Install It?

The mod transforms your Minecraft into a different game that focuses on an entirely different thing other than survival. With this mod, you can create an army, invade other castles, defeat the Ender Dragon, and sweep the Nether.


Basic Features

  • Forge/FML-based mod for greater mod compatibility.
  • Open-source. The source will be available for viewing/download/contributions.
  • Supports localization.
  • Built-in team system for PVP support.
  • NEI Plugin is available.
  • Integrated BuildCraft support.
  • Most vehicle/NPC/ammunition stats are customizable through config files.
  • User configurable world-gen settings.
  • User-driven structure system, add/edit/modify structures to suit your liking.

Vehicle System

  • 100+ vehicle types currently available
  • 50+ Ammo types (everything from pebbles to rockets)
  • Land, Sea, and Air vehicles are available
  • Varying ranks of vehicles for different performance levels on the same model
  • Vehicles have unique stats and use different ammo types
  • Multiple ammo types available per-vehicle
  • Special-Function Vehicles are available (item transport, battering ram)
  • Server-based movement system for reliable and predictable motion handling.
  • Much improved aim system including mouse-look-based aim.
  • Much improved aim of NPCs while on vehicles using new trajectory system.

NPC System

  • Custom path-finding engine to more fully accommodate mod blocks and ladders.
  • Custom AI System — Fuzzy logic priority-based system
  • Custom Targeting System — MMORPG derived ‘threat list’ based targeting system
  • Configurable AI Targeting — Select the targets for any/all NPCs through the config file
  • Configurable Entity Aggro Settings — Select the targets that will become aggro versus NPCs via config
  • Combat and civilian NPCs are available
  • Food based Upkeep system provides a ‘fuel’ balance mechanism (values configurable via config file)
  • Courier NPC provides an alternative to tube networks for the item and inventory manipulation.
  • Configurable performance options in a config file
  • 40+ NPC types currently available

Research System

  • 60+ Research goals currently.
  • Research is required to unlock crafting for most items in Ancient Warfare
  • Researcher NPC is available to aid in automating your research.

Civics System (logistics and automation)

  • Resource gathering system for most resources (mining, vanilla farming, and breedable animals, vanilla tree types)
  • Bulk storage is available through the Warehouse Civic multiblock structure.
  • Most civics require NPCs to work at them in order to function
  • Fully supports sided inventories for automation and interface with other mods


  • Extra machines to aid in the automation
  • Fully support sided inventories with rotation, where applicable


  • Multiple specialized crafting stations
  • Crafting can be fully automated with the use of NPCs
  • Sided inventory support

Team System

  • 15 user configurable teams and 1 default team for new players
  • Teams have a rank and admin system available
  • Always-accessible in-game GUI for viewing team members/ranks and admin control for team admins
  • Team alliances are available.
  • Team system is integrated into vehicles, NPCs, gates, civics, and crafting as an authorization system.
  • Team system is integrated into NPC AI aggro and targeting


  • Template-based structure generation for both world-gen and in-game use.
  • Scan in-game structures and export them to a ready-to-use template.
  • Copy your favorite vanilla Redstone designs to easily share with others
  • Supports scanning of some vanilla entities as well as all Ancient Warfare entity types (vehicles, NPCs, gates
  • Advanced template options to support dynamic block selection (e.g. change on the biome, randomly, select from list)
  • User-configurable structure world-gen — add your own templates, or edit the included default ones to suit your own vision.
  • Configurable world-gen site-validation parameters — ensure the buildings fit into the landscape exactly as you want.
  • Full vanilla block support, including rotation
  • Supports mod blocks for any ‘normal’ block types, but does not support rotation. Custom mod-block rotation mapping is being investigated.
  • Supports scanning of some vanilla entities as well as all Ancient Warfare entity types (vehicles, NPCs, gates
  • Construct buildings from templates in survival mode with the aid of NPCs

Reinforced Blocks

  • Reinforced versions of vanilla construction blocks that help protect your fortresses during a siege.
  • Explosion resistant — requires multiple TNT-sized explosions to destroy
  • Variable harvest time — enemy team players harvest blocks as if they were obsidian, friendly players harvest as if they were stone brick

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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