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Super Crafting Frame Mod


The Super Crafting Frame mod is excellent for players who make many of the same items. Practically everyone does this – especially in the case of chests, used for storing various blocks, articles, and other resources. In this mod, you can place an item into the specialized crafting frame, much like putting those items in a standard vanilla frame. Unlike vanilla frames showing off maps or other objects, Super Crafting Frame reproduces the framed thing if you have enough resources to build that object. This is far less confusing than it sounds.

Let’s say you’ve made a chest and placed it on the Super Crafting Frame. Now, as long as you have eight wooden blocks and you click the modded frame, it will automatically remove the resources from your inventory and place the chest there, as if you had just crafted the item at a table instead. This can save you a ton of time in redundant crafting, but crafting is the only thing this mod will help you with. For instance, you can’t frame cooked fish and get more cooked fish by using it, even if you carry raw fish and fuel.

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