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    Carrots on the Ores

    Carrots on the Ores Since version 0.1.0 now with carrots that can grow on Quartz

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Karat Garden Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Super Carrots


Do you want to be a farmer but find it lacking when it comes to combat? Then plant magical carrots and obtain various special effects with the Karat Garden mod by username MrAmericanMike.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds new carrot seeds that can be planted on different vanilla ores and ore blocks. Each carrot has its own different potion effects that can boost combat and survivability. The mod also features a special carrot called Ultimate Carrot that can not be eaten. The Ultimate Carrot serves as a lucky charm that will protect the one carrying it from the deadly wither effect.

Should You Install It?

The mod is fun to use and is a nice way of getting special potion effects without the need to brew an actual potion.


  • You will find carrot seeds that drop when breaking grass (Just like the wheat seeds).
  • Use these seeds on different vanilla ores and ores blocks or tilled dirt.
  • Each carrot will give you different potion effects.
  • There are also 2 craftable carrots, one of which is just to be able to craft the Ultimate carrot, this carrot you won’t be able to eat, but when you have it on your inventory, you will be immune to wither effect.

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