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Dynamic Lights Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Lighting Revamped


By improving the lighting system in Minecraft and including some special features, the Dynamic Lights Mod increases the fun of exploring caves. This mod makes the game’s use of light sources practical while also saving time and resources by enabling players to navigate dungeons, tunnels, and other dark areas by simply carrying a torch or glowstone or even by tossing the lit object.

Another great addition to this mod is the illumination of burning creatures and Creepers that are about to explode. Players may now change the settings file to add any desired Item ID, such as armor items, as a shiny item.

While designed with the end user in mind, this mod should, by default, operate in multiplayer mode as it has no adverse effects on lag or server performance. Furthermore, neither your portable light source nor light sources that you “drop” will prevent the creation of entities or hostile mobs. With this mod, light sources are made portable.


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