Make your Minecraft world more beautiful and magical with the help of Fairy Lights! Created by username pau101, this mod adds decorative hanging lights in the game to make your world prettier!

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds hanging lights that you can craft. These lights come in six variants and can be dyed to all colors.

Six Variants

The six light variants are; Fairy light, paper lantern, orb lantern, flower light, ornate lantern, and an oil lantern. The mod also adds four spooky lights for Halloween, spider light, ghost light, jack o’lantern, skull light, witch light, icicle light, snowflake light, and meteor light.

Fairy Lights Mod Installation

Installing the Fairy Lights mod is pretty easy as it only requires Minecraft Forge. To properly install the mod, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Run Minecraft with Forge installed at least once to generate the necessary files.
  3. Download Fairy Lights mod using the link below.
  4. Drop the mod file to the mods folder inside your Minecraft directory located in %appdata%.
  5. Have fun!

Should You Install It?

The mod adds decorative light blocks that are extremely beautiful to the world of Minecraft. We highly recommend installing this mod and transform your world into a more festive and light-hearted place.

Fairy Lights Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links

  • We do not host any Minecraft mods on our website!
  • We do not modify or edit the files in any way!
  • The download links are updated every 3 days so you alway get the last version!
  • If you have any problem, please leave a comment below and we will help you.


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