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Soar through the sky or dive into the depths of the sea with the popular Davinci’s Vessels Mod (formerly known as Archimede’s Ships plus but was abandoned by the mod developer). Created by username Bk1325, this mod provides the players with the ability to create their very own ship for sea or for air!

What the Mod Offers

The mod provides a few new blocks and objects that opens up the limitless possibility. Davinci’s Vessels mod adds a new helm block that transforms any Minecraft structure into a moving dynamic vessel. When balloons are involved, the ship can even take flight and soar through the vastness of the sky.

Davinci’s Vessels Mod Showcase

How to Install Davinci’s Vessels Mod 1.18.1 / 1.17.1

The mod requires both the modding API Minecraft Forge and the MovingWorld Mod to work. To properly install the mod, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Run Minecraft with Forge installed at least once to generate the necessary files and folders.
  3. Download and install MovingWorld Mod and all its required mods.
  4. Download the mod using the link below.
  5. Navigate your way to %Appdata%.
  6. Locate the ‘.minecraft/mods’ folder.
  7. Put the downloaded file to the mods folder inside Minecraft directory.

Should You Install It?

The mod opens up a lot of new possibilities that are only limited by the player’s imagination. We highly recommend installing this mod and playing it around with your friends.

Davinci’s Vessels Mod 1.18.2 / 1.16.5 Download Links

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Created: February 22, 2015
Developer: darkevilmac
Downloads: 5.5M 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.10.2 1.9.4 1.8.9 1.7.10
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
Rating: 4.07 - 249 votes
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