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Better than Llamas Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Dapper Llamas


Are fancy bunnies not enough for you? Add in some fancy Llamas that are even richer than your character with the Better than Llamas mod!

What is the Mod About?

Created by the talented mod developer iChun, Better than Llamas Mod is a mod successor to Beter then bunnies. This mod adds llamas to the game. These are not your ordinary llamas, as they wear bowties, and hats, and even have some fancy mustaches! Each llama will randomly spawn with various fancy things –making some llamas fancier than others. The mod does NOT require iChunUtil.

Should You Install it?

The fancy new mob is pretty funny to look at. We recommend installing this mod along with Better than Bunnies to make Minecraft a happier and fancier game!

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