• Hats Mod
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    Nothing like spreading the silliness to other parties too

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    Colourising also got some new colours..... Stop booing at me!

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    The Top Hat is such a simple hat, but made rich by its accessories.

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    A look at all the different varieties of hats

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    Textures so bad... they're good. Programmer art for the win.

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    The Hat Launcher, powered by the pressurising pressure of the Magma Cube... somehow. Maybe Quantum Physics... Where are you keeping all these hats anyway?

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Hats Mod (1.16.5, 1.12.2)— Dozens of Wearable Cosmetic Hats


Turn virtual heads while playing Minecraft with iChun’s Hats mod! This mod adds all sort of stylish hats into the game so players will never get bored.

What the Mod Offers

Created by the talented mod developer iChun, the mod adds aesthetic hats into the game. The mod comes packed with almost a hundred variation of hats that can be automatically equipped right from the start. As an aesthetical mod, the hats provide no function whatsoever and can be used by anyone anytime. All hats are also made available from the get go. The mod is made to run on servers even without the mod installed.

Should You Install It?

The mod does not affect any gameplay aspects of the game, but it will make everyone wearing a hat look cool, stylish, or silly. It is recommended to use this game on servers with other players using the same mod.

📌 Dependencies

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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