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Zombie Awareness Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— You Can Not Hide


Are the zombies too dumb for you that you can defeat them even with your bare fists? Then amp up the challenge by installing the Zombie Awareness Mod by the talented mod developer Corosus.

What is the Mod About?

The Zombie Awareness Mod is a cool mod that alters zombies’ behavior and adds some elements that make them a lot deadlier than before. The mod adds blood scents and blood drops to the game that is spilled every time you are hurt. These blood drops lure the zombies from far away to your direction so that you will get swarmed in no time. Zombies will also be alerted by sounds, and there is a random chance of a fast zombie spawning from a group of zombies.

Should You Install It?

The mod makes zombies a huge threat than in vanilla Minecraft. The zombies won’t get more robust, but they will get more intelligent and more aggressive. With this mod installed, a normal Testificate village won’t even stand two nights without help from the player.


Smarter, more aware zombies (and skeletons), they track you down via blood scent, sound, and light source awareness, config lets you pick and choose what features to have.

  • Blood scents: You spill blood if you get hurt, and if you are in low health, you bleed out once in a while
  • Sound sources: Mining for blocks will alert other zombies of your position
  • Light sources: Zombies can see exposed light sources from super far away and will come to investigate if they have a line of sight
  • Night surface spawning: More zombies spawn in groups at night, causing random invasions
  • Long distant waypoints: Mobs will gather up together and wander the terrain in large groups randomly
  • Randomly faster zombies: Zombies are given a small buff in speed to add more unpredictableness

Hostile monsters can smell the blood that the player spills and even hear the player’s activities, depending on how loud and frequent it is. If they sense it, they will find you.

Mining in caves has a whole new challenge to it with this, be careful not to get cornered when busy making all that noise mining those much-needed materials, and always plan an escape route.

Scent Awareness:

  • When Blood scents are dropped, they slowly decay in strength until gone, causing hostiles to pathfinder to the stronger scents, where you might be.
  • When the player is hurt, he spills blood onto the ground.
  • When the player is below 60% health, he bleeds every 30 seconds leaving a fresh scent, so be sure to keep healthy.
  • Scent usage and strength are customizable, strength defaults at 100% of a 64-block radius.

Sound Awareness:

  • When pretty much anything near the player makes a sound, there is a chance that a hostile within about 16 blocks might hear it.
  • Sounds traces are amplified and are heard from farther away if they are very frequent. So a lot of arrows landing or fighting off a lot of monsters will attract company fairly soon, better relocate.
  • Sound usage and strength are customizable, strength defaults at 100% of a 64-block radius. (19 blocks)

Sight Enhancement:

  • Customizable sight awareness range.
  • Option for X-Ray Sight targeting.
  • Option for Omnipotent auto player targeting.

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