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Thermal Solars Mod (1.14.4, 1.12.2)— Simple Tiered RedStone Flux Solar Panels


Get Redstone Flux power using the sun’s power with the Thermal Solars mod for Minecraft by JoltEffect.

What is the Mod About?

Thermal Solars mod adds dozens of Solar panels that produce RF energy. The mod features six tiers of Solar Panels and three tiers of Lunar Panel. Each level produces double the RF output from the last. The Modular Ender Solar Panel has an RF transfer and capacity dependent on your crafted upgrade.

Should You Install it?

The mod adds pretty simple solar and lunar panels. Although they don’t look as cool as other mods that provide the same function, the mod does get the job done.


  • T1 Generates 16RF/t Transfers 32RF/t
  • T2 Generates 32RF/t Transfers 64RF/t
  • T3 Generates 64RF/t Transfers 128RF/t
  • T4 Generates 128RF/t Transfers 256RF/t
  • T5 Generates 256RF/t Transfers 512RF/t
  • T6 Generates 512RF/t Transfers 1024RF/t
  • Lunar T1 Generates 8RF/t Transfers 32RF/t
  • Lunar T2 Generates 16RF/t Transfers 64RF/t
  • Lunar T3 Generates 32RF/t Transfers 128RF/t

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