• Solar Flux Reborn Mod
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    Connected textures

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    Machine Traversal Upgrade

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    Different tiers of panels

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    Different upgrades

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    Solar Panel GUI

    The solar panel's GUI that you can put upgrades in

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Solar Flux Reborn Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Solar panels that generate FE or RF


Add a bunch of solar panels in your Minecraft world capable of producing so much energy with Solar Flux Reborn Mod! This mod is compatible with other technology mods that use RF and FE energies.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a lot of new solar panels that generate FE, RF, and partially TESLA energies that can be used by other mods that use the same energy, like Draconic Evolution and Thermal Expansion. The mod comes with three types of cables; basic, advanced, and last. Advanced lines are ten times stronger than essential, while the Last cables are 100 times stronger than advanced.

The mod also features dozens of upgrades to improve your solar panel or customize it as needed.

Should You Install It?

Although it is not required, installing another tech-based mod on top of the Solar Flux Reborn is highly recommended to use the energy and resources it produces. If you do not plan to use any other tech mod, then we do not recommend installing this mod.


  • The number of tiers and their production/capacity can be fully configured to suit your needs.
  • Solar Panels automatically share their energy when next to each other, no cables are needed.
  • There are only “Vanilla” recipes by the author of the original mod Nauktis.

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