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Funnels Mod (1.11.2, 1.10.2)— Fluid Transportation Device


Funnels is a nice mod that allows for easier transportation of fluid in the game.

What the Mod is About?

Created by username shadowfactsmc, the mod adds a single item – a funnel that looks like a hopper but functions quite differently. Funnels will transport the contained fluid into the fluid container it is connected to, pick up fluids in the world and place the fluid into another place. Funnels have the same capacity as one bucket. Every part of the mod is highly configurable.

Should You Install it?

Vanilla Minecraft lacks something that manipulates liquid and this simple mod adds that one item to do so. The Funnel also fits perfectly with the vanilla items and we highly recommend installing it.


  • Picks up placed fluids in the world above the Funnel
  • Pulls fluids from any fluid handler above the Funnel
  • Places fluids in the world in front of it
  • Inserts fluid into the handler in front of it
  • Funnels have a capacity of 1000 mB (1 bucket) which is configurable
  • Transport the contained fluid into the fluid handler it’s connected to


size – The size, in milibuckets (1 bucket is 1000 milibuckets) of the Funnel. By default, this is 1000 milibuckets.
pickupWorldFluids – If true, the funnel will pick up fluids directly above it from the world. By default, this is true.
placeFluidsInWorld – If true, the funnel will place the fluid it is holding in the world directly in front of it. By default, this is true.

Crafting Recipes

Funnel Crafting Recipe
FunnelThe Funnel is a simple fluid transportation device.

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