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Faster Ladder Climbing Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Go Up and Down Ladders Much Faster


Climbing a ladder while skeletons shoot arrows at you isn’t good. Save yourself some trouble with the Faster Ladder Climbing mod by MadDachshund.

What is the Mod About?

The mod does exactly what the title implies. The mod allows the user to go up or down any ladder much faster than vanilla. To move faster, the user must look straight down or up while climbing the ladder. The mod also features an option to configure how faster or slower you go.

Should You Install it?

The ability to move faster while climbing ladders is very useful. The mod can also be used on servers that don’t have the mod, however, many servers might consider it as a speed hack – be warned.

How to Use

Look straight down to go down the ladder faster. Look straight up to go up the ladder faster. Mod Options allow for increasing/decreasing how much faster you can go.

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