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D3Core Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Library for DoubleDoorDevelopment’s Mods


Simplify the features and configuration options of the mods from DoubleDoorDevelopment with D3Core Mod!

What is the Mod About?

D3Core is a core mod that is required by all mods from the mod development team called DoubleDoorDevelopment (D3). This core mod allows the mod author to simplify some features and configuration options by providing a bunch of configuration options, such as enabling and disabling Endermen block pickups, spawning fixes, advanced sleep configuration, and so much more.

Should You Install it?

This core mod is a requirement for all DoubleDoorDevelopment’s mods. If you plan on using one of their mods, installing this mod first is essential.


  • Enable/Disable/Edit Endermen block pickups. You can also make them drop your stolen goods again. (Limited to Blocks with IDs 255 and below)
  • 100% remove rain. No more rainy days! (Works on servers if configured on the server side)
  • [Gone in MC 1.9+] Edit the config of all of our mods in one place! (Launch the game, Click the ‘Mods’ button, Find ‘D3Core’, Click ‘Config’ and edit away)
  • String ID/Unlocalized name/Ore dictionary entries add to the hover tooltip. Activate by pressing F3+H. (Individual Enable/Disable in the Core config)
  • Disable sleep from advancing the day or disable sleeping altogether.
  • [Gone in MC 1.9+] Version checker for all DoubleDoorDev Mods. (You can disable all of them in one go via the Core config)
  • Keep items when dying to void damage. (Per dimension toggling)
  • Sick of spawning under the ocean? Turn on lilypad spawning. (Off by default. Creates a new lilypad every time the player connects to the game)
  • “Clays torture mode” Turn this on to disable players dropping items on death! It’s like hardcore but not. (Off by default for obvious reasons)


  • /setloginmessage – Reset the login message!
    • /setloginmessage [text] – Set the login message!

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