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Actually Additions Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Gadgets You'll Love


Add a series of valuable things in your world with this beautiful mod called Actually Additions. Created by the talented mod developer Ellpeck, this mod adds a lot of helpful stuff to make Minecraft more exciting and balanced.

What the Mod Offers

Additions is a content mod that adds a little bit of everything from new tools, technology, food, machines, and more. Some of the unique things this mod adds include an XP solidifier that can turn XP orbs into an object and energy transport blocks that many other mods can use. This coffee brewing machine brews potions, hidden treasures, and much more. The mod also features new tooltips, an in-game guide, and more, and it is a part of many popular mod packs.

Should You Install It?

Whether you want to use it as a part of a mod pack or as a standalone, Actually Additions mod provides many functional blocks, items, and features that make it worth installing.


  • The main part of the Machine aspect adds a new ore – Black Quartz Ore – which is used in some recipes. It can be mined with other ores manually by using a Drill or automatically with a Vertical Digger. Actually Additions has its own Ore-Doubler and Ore-Smelter, different generators, and a ton of world-interaction machines, for example, the well-known Block Placer.
  • The farming aspect of the mod allows players to increase the speed of the farm with a Greenhouse Glass, to feed the mobs automatically using an Automatic Feeder, to control blocks with Auto-Breaker/Auto-Placer, to control fluids with Fluid Placer/Fluid Collector, to grow new plants, such as Coffee or Flax and to craft Fertilizer using any food.
  • The food aspect of the mod adds various nourishment – from normal Bacon to strange Resonant Rice. Seven types of Jam can give players useful buffs. In case a player wants to make custom “potions” – the mod adds a Coffee Machine to make it possible.
  • The instrument aspect of the mod adds new armor and tools – Obsidian and Emeralds can be used to craft instruments. With Crystals added by the mod, it is possible to make better tools from vanilla Iron Ingots and Diamonds and use Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, and simple Coal to craft required things. AIOT is a very useful multi-tool (which combines all vanilla instruments into one), also added by this mod.

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