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Bagginses Mod (1.10.2, 1.9.4)— Storage Solution for Portable Items


With two different tiers of bags and more than a dozen colors to choose from for each, the Bagginses mod is great for players seeking new ways to store their stuff. The mod offers you an ender bag, which can link back to your ender chest as if you were carrying a spare around with you all the time, and a magical void bag which should be used with caution. The bag seems buggy, or maybe it’s meant to make things randomly disappear when you put them into it. This seems like a bug since you can always drop junk you don’t want.

The ender bag is probably the better of the two bags. Besides acting like an ender chest you carry around for essentially a second inventory, this bag can also be put into the offhand as if it was a shield. If you do this, the bag will automatically pick up items you walk close to, as you would typically pick them up, except they go into the bag instead of your inventory. You can blacklist items so the bag doesn’t automatically pick them up or do the opposite thing with an allowlist. Both are available.


  • 2 Tiers of bags in 16 different colors at your disposal.
  • A magical void bag. Put stuff in it, and it will disappear.
  • An ender bag. Linked to your ender chest (Sort of magic).
  • Ender bag can pick up items when they are mined (Put in secondary hand. Change mode with shift + right click).
  • The ability to blacklist (or whitelist items).
  • Able to add bag descriptions in config.

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