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No Ice Melt Mod (1.16.5, 1.12.2)— Stops Ice Melting from Light Sources


Usually, ice is kind of an annoying thing to run into in Minecraft. It isn’t impossible to grow food in cold biomes, but your water sources freezing up and becoming ice will undoubtedly slow down the growth rate of your crops. A torch can quickly remedy this, melting the ice and stopping it from reappearing. What if you wanted the ice around, though? Maybe you’re trying to make an ice skating rink or do something else with the cold, slippery surface. The No Ice Melt mod does just what its name suggests – it stops ice from ever melting for any reason.

A couple of uses for this mod were already outlined, but it’s good for more than just cosmetic purposes. Placing blocks on top of ice in Minecraft makes them slippery as if they were the ice that is right under them. Traps like this are great for slowing people down without letting them know they will be slowed by walking over a space. Unfortunately, the ice usually melts and renders the trap inoperable. The No Ice Melt mod will ensure these slowing traps work like they were meant to work. But that’s not all this mod does.

Well, it is all the mod does. Anything else you can think of with unmalting ice would be another good use for this exciting utility mod. Of course, to get ice that doesn’t melt, you need to have ice in the first place. The usefulness of the No Ice Melt mod will be difficult to judge if you spawn in the middle of a desert or in some other biome that doesn’t feature ice. Of course, you could always go into Creative or allow cheats on Survival and then access every item in the game to get ice, but if you’re doing all that, you probably don’t need this mod.

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