elulib mod

EluLib Mod (1.12.2)— Library for Elucent’s Mods


Make some annoying modding tasks easier and friendlier with EluLib Mod by mod developer Elucent.

What is the Mod About?

EluLib mod is a shared library mod that aims to make annoying modding tasks more accessible and convenient. The mod contains utilities for items and blocks registration, structure definition system, world generation utilities, entity synchronization system, tile entity base codes, particle registry, custom particle system, dozens of miscellaneous general classes and utility functions, and so much more.

Should You Install it?

The mod does not have any content as a library file. Only install this mod if you will use it by creating your mod or if other mods require it.


  • Convenience utilities for item and block registration.
  • A structure definition system.
  • World generation utilities to support random rotation and mirroring of structures, along with preventing chunk runaway.
  • Tile Entity synchronization system.
  • Tile Entity base code.
  • Particle registry and a custom particle system.
  • A custom visual effect rendering system for more freedom than particles allow.
  • A generic effect registry and packet for synchronized, freeform visual effects.
  • Serverside events for left or right clicking empty space.
  • Baked model definitions for items and blocks of various types, avoiding almost all JSON.
  • Base block classes for many block variants, including slants.
  • A few miscellaneous general classes and utility functions.

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